COVID-19 Film Challenge

COVID-19 On-Set Protocol

  • Here is a hyperlink to a list of COVID-19 safety measures for film production. Please review.


  • Foster collaboration between different genres in the School of Arts and the University as a whole
  • Learning how to adapt and be creative when making a video, during The Pandemic. 
  • Build connections. 

Theme & Parameters


  • You do not have to follow a specific theme, but if you are lost and need a jumping-off point, here are some themes your video can center around:
    • Justice
    • Sacrifice
    • Vengeance 
    • Redemption
    • Innocence


  • The short film must not exceed 19 minutes 
  • Nothing explicitly pornographic
  • It can be a music video
  • It can be experimental

Group Roles

When making your video, collaboration is strongly encouraged.

Participating groups should find people in different majors/backgrounds (They do not have to be college students) etc… to fulfill each of the roles listed below.

In order to participate, one person in the group must fill out this group submission google form.

8 Basic Roles

  • Pre-Production Team
    • Screenwriter
    • Storyboarder
  • Production
    • Cinematographer
    • Director
    • Actor(s) 
  • Post-Production
    • Editor
    • SPX Artist
  • Producer
    • Responsibilities Include:
      • Scheduling and managing groups timeline in all stages of production.
      • Finding locations to film.
      • Finding Actors
      • Coming up with a contingency plan if something goes awry. (I.e. an actor getting covid, and needing to have a replacement actor lined up.)

****The Producer role is required.

****The group is not required to have eight different people to fill each role, the same individual can do multiple roles.

Our Discord Server

When filling out the group submission form there will be a question about joining our Discord server.  

It is strongly encouraged to join because there will be postings the most up-to-date information on where to submit, and deadlines. Also, we will be posting resources throughout the summer on film and video production. 

More Information on the Timeline

Here is a Google Slides Presentation with the Calendar events marked, and additional information on the workshops we will be hosting to critique scripts, storyboards, etc…

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