BASE is partnering with the Art Club at Huguenot High School

a Richmond city public school. Our goal is to raise money to buy the materials needed for the Spring 2021 semester. Our organization has met with the students there in helping them unlock their creative ability and interest in art related majors. The students all need extra art materials in the classroom, but we understand that we may not reach every art student there. This is why we have focused on the upper level art students in order to get them the materials they need for the Spring 2021 semester. We will transfer the funds onto a gift card that Lauren Bleam, educator at Huguenot High School and teacher of the art club can use to get the materials needed. Due to Covid-19 we had to go this route in order to keep Lauren, ourselves and the students safe by limiting as much physical contact as possible. 

The tier list consists of virtual backpacks that show the amount of materials your donation could cover for the students. For example, the “Yellow Backpack” amount is set at $15 and the cost of a 14 x 17 Bristol Pad is around $14. The higher your donation the more virtual bags we can fill with materials. Finally, there is a black backpack where any amount of donation is accepted.