As I see myself


Aliyah Mickens

Aliyah Mickens is an artist located in Austin, Texas.

She was born and raised in the South Suburbs of Chicago and later moved to Atlanta then Florida and finally residing in Texas to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art at Texas State University.

She specializes in the human figure, creating something more with the face and body. She has created several portraits from traditional paintings to digitally painted pieces. She wants to paint a big mural someday and dreams of being featured in galleries across the world.

For Aliyah, inspiration comes from her environments and surroundings; nature, friends, family and even strangers. Capturing the human likeness and accurately conveying or “Manipulating colors and positions of a person can really alter the emotion of a painting or drawing,” Aliyah often says. Aliyah spends her time creating art in mostly oil and digital mediums as well as trying new mediums from sculpting, woodworking to metalworking at Texas State.

~ Aliyah is creating a vivid visual representation of her world and everyone else ~ ~ around her. ~