Black Peter Pan

Artist::  Angelina Winston



Wooden Panels, Collage background, Acrylic paint

Triptych 14″x33″ (3) 

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The premise of these pieces is to convey the anxiety young black Americans feel about growing up in America. As a black youth, you are raised in fear of being harassed and killed,  and in this upbringing usually, our innocence is lost at an early age. In this piece, I want to show how short and abrupt our lives can stop at a given moment. 

These ideas are presented in my work through the progression of a tryptic.

The first panel has the beginning chapters of the original Peter Pan stories collaged in the background; the figure is painted in light pastels and golden highlights that further emphasizes the innocence black youth initially has. 

The second panel has a rip down the middle that separates the child-like collage with pitch blackness. The rip metaphorically symbolizes the abruptness of death, and violence, when it happens in black youth’s lives.

The last panel background is completely black, with the figure hunched over in the bottom right corner, painted in a whitewash.