Artist::  Ronald Martin


Digital illustration



Product ID: 259


This piece shows a black man being strangled by the American flag, this was heavily inspired by George Floyd’s death. I also felt like this is a visually representations of black men whenever they have a violent police encounter. Every time a black man gets pulled over by the police they try not to seem suspicious, they feel the need to hold their breath, or to try to seem less threatening even when we they’re normal people feeling of walking on eggshells to ensure our survival. The man is also wearing handcuffs which also represents the mass incarceration of blacks in America.

When I started this piece I was deeply in mourning from the George Floyd incident. I was extremely distraught and sick to my stomach. I felt powerless, but my art enabled me to use my voice in a different way, a way I could accurately express how I was feeling at that time. This piece visually represents the pain and agony black men have faced in American.