Artist::  Ronald Martin


Digital illustration



Product ID: 260


This piece is a passing of the torch moment, or really a passing of knowledge moment. It depicts the rapper/actor Tupac Shakur bestowing his energy to the next generation, specifically me. This piece shows a very colorful astral plane like background. The background itself is used from airbrush to give a out of realty feel to the piece. It could take place in my mind or in a dream like sequence. I am on my knees which shows a sign of openness or a sign of vulnerability. I’m willing to learn from an outspoken influential leader, regardless of his death.  

In my hand I hold a pencil, this pencil symbolizes the power I hold in my craft.

“I’m not saying I’m going to rule the world, but I guarantee I’ll spark the mind that will”. – Tupac Shakur 

Pac said this in a interview and spoke his mind about how the world needs people to change the world.